Pool Heating

Pool HeatingSwimming pools are a great amenity for recreation and sport; they are also being utilized for therapeutic purposes in people with certain disabilities. This said, swimming pools remain to be a valuable investment for a number of great reasons.

During warm summers, going for a dip should be nice and warm – even without any external source of heat. But for chillier seasons, swimming in the pool can be more of a torture than a pleasure. This is where we know we need a trusty pool heating device.

Lake Worth AC Repair provides pool heating options for residential or commercial clients in Lake Worth, Florida. We offer all types of pool heating, which are the following:

  • Gas heaters – gas heaters are a reliable and sustainable way to heat your pool; they provide consistent heating regardless of the weather, and can provide on-demand heating. They are powered by propane or natural gas.
  • Heat pumps – compared to gas heaters, heat pumps utilize less electricity but still achieve optimal heating conditions which makes them a more cost-efficient choice compared to gas heaters. They are great for use during rainy weathers, too.
  • Solar heaters – using polypropylene plastic solar panels that collect heat from the sun, solar pool heaters are an eco-friendly approach to pool heating. They don’t utilize gas or electricity, but are totally dependent on the sun’s heat. This would make it the inexpensive choice, however, there’s a small downside and that’s the incapability to deliver on-demand heat.

System selection

We here at Lake Worth AC Repair will make sure that our clients have all the information they need to make the perfect pool heating choice for their home or business. In the selection process, we will be dishing out advice and technical opinions if needed, to further guide them in their decision.

Pool heater installation

After the decision has been made, we’ll be happy to install your new pool heater at a reasonable fee. We also offer follow-up checks to ensure that your new pool heater is working as intended. We work very hard to make sure it’s a highly satisfactory customer experience for you! Lake Worth AC Repair has the best servicemen in the industry, equipped with all the latest gears necessary for a quick, smooth, and effective pool heater installation.

If you want to enjoy your swimming pool all-year-round, avail of pool heating services today! Lake Worth AC Repair will be more than happy to run a quick assessment and give an initial quotation for your specific needs and preferences. We offer timely action and quick responses to all inquiries!

Lake Worth AC Repairs is licensed and insured in performing all tasks related to pool heating – from installation services to repair services, we make sure that the pool is warm enough for you and your guests. We employ the safest methods in installation, utilizing proper gears and tools needed in the process. You can also count on our skilled and talented AC technicians to make proper recommendations where necessary, so you can be assured of a well-maintained, fully functional, and energy-efficient pool heating device season after season, and year after year.